Crysis Warhead

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   go to the dir where you have installed the game                          
   example = <drive>:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis Warhead\  
   inside there you go into \Game\Config\ dir                               
   in this dir you will find 4 specific cfg files                           
   each cfg file represents a dificulty which you have chosen               
   to play the game (title of file is self-explanatory)                     
   open the cfg file with notepad and add one or all of the following       
   lines to activate the option at the bottom of the cfg file               
   (BEFORE you do this, save a copy of the original cfg file(s). it         
   is never wrong to play it safe. Although these cheats have been          
   tested and work, we don't hand out warranties :p)                        
   g_godMode = 1         => to activate the God mode. although your health  
                            will decrease if being shot, you will not die.  
                            your health and armor will replenish auto when  
                            it reaches 0.                                   
   i_unlimitedammo = 1   => Unlimited Ammo (and no need to reload)          
   ai_IgnorePlayer = 1   => Enemies Ignore You                              
   i_noweaponlimit = 1   => Carry Unlimited Number of Weapons               


  1. - +2 Promo Trainer
  2. File:CrysisWh Trn.rar - +17 trainer
  3. File:Crysis Warhead V1.0 Plus 10 Trainer By KelSat.rar - +10 trainer
  4. File:CrysisWh Trn 1.rar - +19 Trainer
  5. - +14 Trainer
  6. - +14 Trainer for version 1.1.1710 (32bit)
  7. File:Bws-0378.rar - +7 Trainer for v1.1.1710 (64bit)